We are making for the north east coast at Santa Marta but with the super curvy roads and truck traffic this is a two -day drive, with a stop half way in Aguachica.

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For the most part there was not that much traffic and passing the huge semis on the curvy roads is a bit of a thrill. The views are stunning.

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There are always a few unmarked hazards…..or donkeys!

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The best place to pass a bunch of trucks is at the tolls where motos go free and bypass the line too.

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We stopped for a lunch of roasted pork, chorizo sausage, blood and rice sausage, and yucca.

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The army here “ guard” the passage by road, it is mandated that they give you thumbs up sing that the road is safe. Can you imaging doing that all day to every vehicle. Ten years ago it was completely unsafe to travel here, now life is business as usual.

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There are a few larger towns on the way and the main roads tend to dump you into the hectic center of town.

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We decided to stop riding at about 3 pm so that got us to Aguachica.

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We stopped for gas and asked the guys there for a good hotel. It was quite an amusing Duck talking to Chicken conversation with our bad Spanish and there nonexistent English, but we all had a good laugh. The directed us to the Morrocoy, “you know it’s an animal like a Tortuga”. It was a friendly family place with a huge secure parking lot for the bikes. . We walked around the town and ended up as usual at Dan’s favorite a Pollo rostiazado place. This end of town was hopping with at least 10 bars all blasting different music. Luckily near our place it was silent.



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