A Chateau in Bordeaux

saint emilion 15

We had a rainy night and it was still lightly raining in the morning. We had been invite to stay with some friends in a Chateau near Bordeaux. We had first met Anne and Peter at “the end of the road” in Ushuaia. As we were leaving the park I saw the Canadian flag on one of the bikes and yelled out Hey Canada! So we stopped and made friends. They have been touring in the UK and head home from Paris this week.

the end of the road 43

the end of the road 51


We rode the secondary road north, which from here is an almost straight shot to Saint Emilion and with very little slowing for towns. We thought we could make the 270 km in less than 4 hours.

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About an hour out we stopped for a coffee. As Sara pulled in to park on the curb outside the café they Yellow triangle of death was flashing and the bike was dead. Taking out the GS 911 we confirmed our fears that the stator was burnt again! The last was replaced in Ecuador almost 90,000 km ago, but it is always when we are meeting someone and it is raining. The job took longer than expected since we had to take off several extra parts including the foot peg and rear brake since we could not get the one bolt out of the “this is crap” Touratech crash bar. Dan is getting pretty good at this now after 4 times. It is still stressful to have the engine open on the “side of the road” and have only one shot to fix it. After putting it all back together the test of the 911 was ALL GOOD! This got us back on the road at 130 after 2 ½ hours.

saint emilion 1

saint emilion 2

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Arriving at the Châteaux our friends were not too worried since they had followed our SPOT and saw us finally coming.

saint emilion 24

Anne and Peter had been invited here by the owner Jean-Philippe who in turn had welcomed us to stay at the Châteaux.

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We managed to get in walk about the village of Saint Emilion before dark.

saint emilion 42

saint emilion 33

saint emilion 41

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Our GS 911 came in handy two days in a row since this morning Anne’s bike would not start either! It turned out to just be that the battery was toast. This was easily fixed by a drive to the nearest bike store 10 km away.

saint emilion 29

saint emilion 27

saint emilion 28

We did a small tour of the surrounding countryside and vineyards and enjoyed a lot of French bakery items and La Confession wine!

saint emilion 31

saint emilion 30

saint emilion 32

saint emilion 38

Thank you again to the Janoueix family for their hospitality!

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saint emilion 35

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